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Looking for the right opportunity to become online skill development training instructor, you are at a right place for your personalised career growth as the best online personal trainer to teach online courses to various candidates.

Skilled in something or believing the skill which you have gonna drive the future?? Looking for a right opportunity to share your knowledge to the world and contribute to the society?


You’ve come to the right place.…

At Infini Digital Academy, our constant endeavor is to create a network of world-class expert trainers and mentors focused on training real-world on-demand skills to the next generations and make them drive the future. eLearning is predicted to become one of the most sorted out way to learn and using this opportunity, many started developing applications and started posting video recordings focused on earning money through education. But, We decided to stand apart from the crowd and aimed to become the Most Trusted Academy to learn real world On-Demand Skills directly from expert mentors across India and recognized to provide ISO 9001:2015 certifications to all our candidates and make them recognized and stand on top of everyone, wherever they go and appear for Interviews.

We recognized Talents, Skills, and Knowledge and we strongly believe that we are the captions of the ship which is heading towards the future. Let’s drive the future with the right skills from the right people.

Come Join us on our journey towards our united goal of driving a skilled market leaders.


What’s in it for me?

We’re glad you asked. We are completely focused on training the real-world skills from the right experts. Every expert mentor who enroll as an Instructor in our academy will go through Five Level of Interview and Joining Process. Once you’re in. You’re going to be a part of our #teaminfini Community. We’ll develop the right curriculum for the right candidates and we work closely towards making them success on it. Also, You’re going to gain family medical insurances exclusively from our academy once you complete your dedicated journey of 1 year with us. Be surprised, there are many more to go…


Show me the money!

At Infini Digital Academy, we known the value of your time and effort & also understand that offering fair, flexible compensation is a part of your business ethos. With our revenue-sharing model, you have a great opportunity to earn more than what you could really think of, from training a candidate right from your comfort zones.

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